Your Commission Level is determined by the number of BTU Commission Credits you have earned.

How you earn BTU Commission Credits:

  1. Purchase Packages:  Each dollar of Package = 1 BTU Commission Credit
  2. Subscriptions:  Each dollar of subscription = 1 BTU Commission Credit
  3. Marketing/Sales:  Each dollar of commission (at your commission rate) = 1 BTU Commission Credit.


0.00 APPRENTICE NONE 1. A hearty THANK YOU for your backing and interest in The Game!
2. Free access to tips and strategies of gaming, game design, development as well as benefits and tips to referrals and earning commissions!
10.00 BRONZE JOURNEYMAN 5% 1. Automatic upgrade to Bronze Commission Level!
2. (1) in-game patch proudly identifying you as an early backer! (must have a valid game account to avail).
3. Bronze Contributor Member Status badge in forums.
4. Access to development models and levels as they are created where you can view and play with the models and levels (SANDBOX) and give feedback!
5. Digital download of high-res concept art and development images (copyrighted and for personal, non-commercial use only).
30.00 BRONZE MASTER 5% 1. $10 in-game credit (must have valid game account to avail).
60.00 SILVER 10% 1. Free Digital download of game (single account)!
2. Silver Contributor Member Status.
3. Automatic Silver Commission Level
100.00 GOLD 15% 1. Gold Contributor Member Status
2. Automatic Gold Commission Level.
3. Free Digital download of game (single and multi-account).
250.00 PLATINUM 20% 1. Platinum Contributor Member Status
2. Automatic Platinum Commission Level.
3. More…TBD!
500.00 DIAMOND 25% 1. Diamond Contributor Member Status.
2. Automatic Diamond Commission Level.
3. More…TBD!
1,000.00 DIAMOND PREFERRED 25% 1. TBD!
10,000.00 BLUE DIAMOND ELITE 25% 1. TBD!
100,000.00 GREEN DIAMOND ELITE 25% 1. TBD!
1,000,000.00 RED DIAMOND ELITE 25% 1. Ultimate exclusive package…TBD!

* Commission levels listed above include an “early bird” BONUS!
This 5% (or more, depending on the level) bonus commission could be dropped at any time, so act quick!
Commission Disbursement
Earned commissions will be automatically paid out on a quarterly basis for those accounts that have accrued $100 or more.
Those who haven’t reached the minimum level will continue until the next quarter, or you can personally request any balance level, but administrative fees may apply.
Transfer fees outside of BTU Games’ control will be the responsibility of the Independent Marketer (i.e. fees will be deducted from the commission amount to be paid).
This is why BTU Games prefers to send money via PayPal.  Other options may be available, but additional fees/charges may apply.
To find out more or ask questions, you can <email BTU> :