FAQ’s about Marketing:

Q:           How does it work?

A:            Any new member who gives an Independent Marketer’s registered e-mail address in both the site registration and PayPal’s “message to seller” will be registered as a Sales Lead of the person whose e-mail was given.  Once registered, any future sales, subscriptions, renewals, etc. will also credit commissions to that Independent Marketer as long as they maintain an active Bronze Journeyman Contributor Member Status (Level 1) or higher!

Q:           Who can do it?

A:            Anyone who is a registered member of this site!

Q:           Who can you sell or market to?

A:            Anyone who isn’t already a member!

Q:           Who can collect commissions on sales?

A:            Only active Bronze Journeyman Contributor Members Status (Level 1) or higher.  Once a new person is registered under you, you will continue to receive commissions from any future purchases, subscriptions, renewals, etc. from the person as long as you maintain an active Bronze Journeyman Contributor Member Status (or higher).

Q:           What is the commission rate?

A:            Commission rates are dependent on Commission Status Level and can be seen <here>.

Q:           How much money can I make?

A:            As a top tier Independent Marketer, you could make $1000’s of dollars a week!  If you start off as a Gold Contributor, and sell just ONE Silver Subscription Package a week…you would be able to get to the highest commission tier in just a few short months and earn over $1000 by the end of the year!  If you try a little harder and sell 5 Silver Subscriptions a week, that $1000 suddenly becomes $5000!  Who can’t use an extra $5000 from doing something we already do?  …GAMING!

Q:           How can you afford to do this?

A:            Simple.  A huge percentage of a typical AAA game budget is spent on traditional forms of marketing.  On top of that, a Publisher would take a huge cut right off the top.  We decided that it would be better to give the same amount back to YOU, the gamers, who support us!

Q:           When will commissions be paid out?

A:            Commissions will be paid out as per the Independent Marketer Agreement found <here>.

Q:           Do I need to buy anything to market?

A:            You can register for FREE and set up your account.  A Free Account will give you Apprentice Status (Free Observer Status) only.  You can still market or refer people to join our community, but you will not be able to collect commissions from any sales to them.  Only Bronze Journeyman Contributor Members (Level 1) or higher collect commissions (based on their commission level) and continue to do so from their Sales Leads as long as they maintain Level 1 (or better) Contributor Status.

Q:           Do I need to “buy in” to get the benefits of higher levels?

A:            NO.  As your commissions accumulate, you will automatically place in the appropriate tier and commission rate and get the appropriate benefits.  You can always “buy in” or purchase a package to increase your tier if you want to.  Information on Commission Levels can be found <here>.  Information on the various packages and subscriptions available can be found <here> and <here>.

Q:           What do I need to be a marketer?

A:            You can sign up for a FREE (Apprentice Observer Status) basic account to enjoy certain benefits, but if you want to start off collecting commissions, you will need to become a Contributor Member (Level 1 or higher).  You will also need a valid e-mail address, a PayPal account, and one of the following:

  1. A valid USD credit card or bank debit card.
  2. A valid USD bank debit card.
  3. A valid USD reloadable (registered to your name and address) debit card.

At present, a PayPal account is required.  You can get a PayPal account during the payment process before registration or register first for a Free Observer Status and get one later during payment.  A PayPal account will make receiving your commissions much faster and easier.  This also applies to anyone you market to.

Each package and subscription has its own benefits which you can find the details <here> and <here>.

Q:           Can I market to people who do not have one of the payment methods listed above?

A:            It may be possible, but it is discouraged.  If the person only has cash, you could collect the cash and charge the sale to your own credit/debit card.  The same applies to PrePaid VISA, Master Card, AmEx, and Discover gift cards.  You can collect the appropriate amount and charge the same amount to your own card when registering the new recruit.  Remember to add your email address in the appropriate fields (both in registration and in PayPal) to be credited for the new recruit.

Q:           Can I have more than one account?

A:            No…but then, why would you want more than one?  Having multiple accounts would only cut your commission rates…

Q:           How will I get paid commissions?

A:            We prefer to pay with PayPal, but, if you prefer, we can send you a check in the mail (fees apply).  PayPal fees may also apply, but they tend to be much less than the mailing of a physical check.

Q:           Can I join anytime (will this continue forever)?

A:            BTU Games reserves to right to discontinue this marketing model and future Subscribers/Contributor Members may not be able to join in on this opportunity!

Q:           Will commissions from my Sales Leads continue forever?

A:            No.  Should your Contributor Status (membership) ever lapse below Level 1 (to Level 0 Free Apprentice Observer Status), you stand to lose your commissions.   You need to maintain at least Level 1 in order to keep accruing commissions from your Sales Leads.