About the Game

The game, tentatively titled TERRA FIRMA: HAVOK, will be a First-person/Third-person hybrid (depending on the level and level objective) game.  Let’s revolutionize game play and playability to enable the gamer to seamlessly switch between modes depending on what suits them best. Specific details about the game are under wraps at the time being…but subscribers/contributors will be able to get these details as soon as they are available on the Forums. Other aspects can be incorporated depending on what gamers really want.  So contribute and make your opinion known!

Who would you like to see on the design team?
Who would you like to see on the art team?
What type of characters would you like to see in the game?
What type of vehicles would you like to be able to use?
What type of special effects would you like to see?
Would you like to see “special moves” (like Fatalities)?
Do you have any concept art or 3D models you want to share?

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