Experience gaming like never before!

See the “in’s and out’s” of gaming from the ground up! We start with inception and work all the way to post-production support and maintenance*.

Along the way, we’ll post instructional videos for you to experience the nuances involved in creating a high level video game.

You will be able to contribute your opinions and expertise and be able to give feedback on developments as they happen.


Things you will get as a Contributor Member:

  • Regular updates of development and progress of the game.
  • Early access to models and levels.
  • Ability to give feedback.
  • Ability to contribute your ideas and expertise to the game.
  • Instructional videos of every step of the process of designing games.
  • A complete community of like-minded gamers to interact with!


* Steps in creating a game:

  1. Initial idea
  2. Preproduction concept
  3. High concept
  4. Pitch
  5. Design
  6. Prototype
  7. Production development
  8. Programming
  9. Level creation
  10. Audio development
  11. Alpha testing
  12. Beta testing
  13. Gold
  14. Maintenance
  15. Support!

BTU Games is needs talented and dedicated gamers like you to help lead the way to the next generation of video games!

This is your chance to be a contributor to the next generation of killer video games!

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